How to Fix Slow Empty Trash on Mac OSX

Trash is the most basic but a much needed functionality of Mac. The trash prevents the data from being accidentally deleted by the user. Every file that is deleted by traditional methods like pressing the delete button or dragging the file to the trash icon goes to the trash folder. Now you have the option to either restore the file to its original location or empty the trash to empty all the contents. But sometimes you may face some issues related to trash like when you empty the trash it take a very long time to complete the process. The dialog box will show the message emptying the trash ans will never complete the task. This means that the trash is not functioning so there is a possibility is that when you delete the file it will not go to the trash and straight away deleted. So you must be thinking how to fix slow empty trash on Mac OS X.

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One of the possible reason is that you have checked the secure empty trash in the preference which is taking too long to delete the file. So you should go to the finder app and click preferences then uncheck the box beside the empty trash securely. This may fix the problem but if the trash is still working slowly then may be the Mac OS X has been corrupted. You have to reinstall the operating system and if any data is lost from the Mac system then you can use the time machine utility which can provide the backup of the lost data.

The are cases where the time machine is unable to provide the complete backup so in that situation Mac data recovery software can help you. It will scan the whole Mac drive and then the list of files can be seen in the preview. You can select the files you want and the software will restore them back in the Mac drive. So you should download this efficient software now.

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