How To Resolve “Recovered Files” Folder Appearing in Trash

If you are using the Mac system for some time then you must be knowing the functionality of the trash. When any file is deleted from the Mac drive it get stored in the trash folder temporarily, you can either restore them or completely remove them by emptying the trash. But one day when you start up the Mac system you notice that there is a folder named recovered files in the trash which has the contents of unknown format. You might be wondering what it is and should you empty the trash now and how to resolve “recovered files” folder appearing in trash. The contents of the “recovered files” folder are the temporary files of the folder that were created because the application was not closed properly the last time. The reason could be any application error, system crash, power outage etc. You should restore the files so that when the application is opened again you can access the files.

download Mac Trash Recovery Software

In case you didn’t notice the “recovered files” folder in the trash and emptied it then you many of the files related to that application are missing or can not be opened. If the time machine is working properly then you may be able to recover the files with ease or else you have to use the Mac trash recovery software. It has the capability to recover all the deleted file and repair them if necessary. It will scan the whole Mac drive and then it will show the preview. Select required files from it and restore them. Now the application will work fine and you can access all the files as before. So download the software and get back Mac data.  

Mac Trash Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Download Mac Trash Recovery Software and Install it.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 2 : Select the drive from where the data was deleted.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 3 : Select the types of file you want to recover.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 4 : Start the scan by choosing correct scan method.


Step 5 : When scan is complete you can restore the data.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

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