How to Retrieve Lost Cut Paste Files on Mac OS X

Want to recover lost files due to Cut paste option? Until recently there was no ‘Cut and Paste’ option available on Mac OS X and this created lot of problems for those who had switched from Windows to Mac platform. Moreover users had to rely upon TotalFinder in order to cut and paste files as clipboard. Realizing this problem, Apple introduced Cut and Paste option for the first time on Mac OS Lion version. It was more or less a keyboard shortcut which enabled users to cut and paste a file. Pressing Command-C ensures copying of the file which can be pasted on the desired location by using Command-V. However till the file was not pasted to new location, the copied file also remained in its previous location. It means that the file was not cut from its default location until it was pasted somewhere or the other.

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How Can I Recover Lost Files After Cut and Paste Failure

  • At times it might be possible that when a file was copied but it was not pasted and Mac system suddenly crashed. This results in loss of files as users are unable to find the file when the system restarts.

  • Since, this option has been recently introduced it is bound to develop some irregularities resulting in loss of files during Cut and Paste option.

  • ¬†Any interruption during the course of Cut-paste action is also likely to result in data loss.

It is possible to recover lost files due to cut paste failure provided you stop using Mac Computer as soon as the discrepancies have been noticed. Ensure no new data is being written on the hard drive so it cannot overwrite and occupy the space created by the deleted files. This is where you can completely rely upon Mac File Recovery software that can recover missing and lost files due to cut paste anomalies. It has a unique intuitive scanning technique that recovers files in its original format without damaging the files.

User Guide: Mac File Recovery Software to Restore Lost Files after Cut Paste Option

Step 1: Download and Install Mac File Recovery Software on Mac


Step 2: Select the drive to be scanned

Step 3: Specify the file


Step:4 Press on Continue option to initiate scan

Step:5 A preview is displayed after the scanning completes. Specify the destination to save the recovered files.

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