iMac Trash Recovery: How to Rescue Deleted Files from Trash on iMac

So you have emptied trash accidentally or purposely of iMac and now realized that it had some important files. Now you want them back but probably feel that it is too late and nothing can be done. However, surely recovery is possible as it is never too late. iMac is yet another desktop computer which is popular among Apple Mac users. It has also got trash folder similar to any other Mac based devices. Of course the items which have been deleted get stored on trash and is easy to restore. But what when the trash has been emptied.

Is it possible to rescue trash files even after it has bee emptied. Many of the users would be ignorant of the fact that iMac trash recovery is possible. Curious to know how? Well, whenever the trash is emptied, all its contents become inaccessible. This is the reason why one assumes that files have been erased permanently. But the fact is something else. The trashed files continue to remain intact somewhere on the iMac’s hard drive unless it is not overwritten by some new files. Now if you do not save any thing new on your iMac then there is good chances for you to get back deleted files even after emptying the trash. However, you need to use Mac trash recovery software.

Mac Trash Recovery Software to Rescue Emptied Trash Files on iMac

Mac trash recovery software has been designed to restore deleted and emptied trash files to its default location. Since it is quite known that there might be possibilities where some important files get trashed out along with unwanted one. This is where this software can be remarkable as it can solve the problem easily.

Prevention and Tips

  • Always cross check the trash before emptying it on iMac.
  • never save any files on the trash
  • Avoid using Shift+Del command for deleting files on iMac.

User Guide: How to use Mac Trash Recovery Software to Get back Files on iMac

Step:1 Download and install Mac trash recovery Software on iMac computer

Step:2 Launch the application and choose “Recover Hard Drive Option” if you have deleted trash files on iMac

Step:3 Select “Deleted file recovery” from four different options available to recover files from emptied trash bin.

Step:4 Get the preview of the files that has been trashed out after emptying trash on iMac

Step:5 Check the file and restore it on the desired location on iMac using Licensed version of the software.

download Mac Trash Recovery Software

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