Information About Apple Trash Restore Files

Do you want to restore trash files on Apple Mac? Trash bin is a folder that stores all the deleted files on temporary basis until it has not been emptied. The files present on the trash folder can easily be restored except if it has been deleted using secure empty features. This is one of the most common incidence reported by the mac users where they accidentally happen to delete and empty the trash folder and later on seek for apple trash restore. Thus it is always important for the users to ensure that there are no important files present on the trash bin before emptying it. Also, Mac users should only send unwanted and leftover files to the trash bin.

Restoring the files from trash on mac is quite easy until it has not been emptied. You can easily restore the items back to their default location by simple click of button. You can also drag the items out of the trash to the desktop. But what happens when the apple trash mac has been emptied. Does this mean that items once emptied are deleted for ever. Is there any way for apple trash restore emptied files? Of course there has to be some way or the other. Firstly, the Mac users are advised to stop using their Mac system. Failing to do so, may increase the possibility and you might end up overwriting the data that you wish to recover. It is worth mentioning that if you back up the data with Time Machine at the end of day, it can be easily restored but if you have not saved the data with Time Machine then you have to look for some other alternative.


Actually when the trash has been emptied, the files becomes inaccessible and is unavailable for further use. This is the reason why many believe that the files are lost permanently. But the deleted and emptied files still remain intact on the hard drive on Apple Mac. The space allocated to such files is also returned to the system for reuse and it awaits to be overwritten. Perhaps, it is best to use third party data recovery tool such as recovery trash mac software. The tool is effective as apple trash restore option.

User Guide: Steps For Apple Trash Restore Files

Step 1 : Install and Run Recovery Trash Mac utility and then select “ Fresh Recovery “ option

Step 2 : If you have emptied Apple, then select the “ Recover Hard Drive “ option.

Step 3 : Select “Deleted File Recovery” options , if you want Apple trash restore files.

Step 4 : Select the volume on which you want to restore files and then click on “Continue”

Step 5 : Check your files, folders to restore from the displayed list and save it .

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