Recover trash data on Mac OS X 10.7

Trash on mac is that kind of place where files gets stored after deletion from the mac OSX 10.7 system. These deleted files are kept there, from there you can easily restore your deleted data back but if you will delete files from trash or empty trash then there is no chance to restore your data again. Do mac users really permanently lose their files when they accidentally deleted files and empty trash or intentionally deleted files from trash. Data deletion is one of the biggest problem in today,s world and you may face several error messages when you will try to access your corrupted files . You were losing your data due to several reasons and some of the several reasons are listed below

Reasons of data loss :

  • Due to physical damage of the system
  • Due to header corruption
  • Due to the attack of virus or other malware infection
  • Automatic corruption of the hard drives
  • Due to improper shut down of the system

and many more reasons are there which are responsible for the deletion of your data .


When the mac trash become empty then the recovery of data become very much difficult and if you want to restore your data then do not overwrite any files on the mac system , and if you will do so then you will lost your data permanently . In data loss scenario third party tool which is “Mac Trash Recovery software” is only an option to restore your deleted data . This software uses its advance algorithm to scan your system and after scanning your whole system it will start recovering all your deleted data . It supports all the version of mac such as snow leopard , lion, panther , jaguar and so on and it also supports various file format to restore your deleted data in an effective manner . The demo version of this software is also available on-line from there you can easily see its preview and know about its features or your can also download it directly . Recover mac trash software is one of the most sophisticated software that will easily recover your deleted data .

Features of Recovery of Mac Trash Ssoftware

  • Support all the version of Mac such as snow leopard , panther , jaguar and many more
  • Recover data from various file format
  • Recover data from all the types of multimedia devices
  • Demo version is also available for free
  • Preview option is also available for free

And many more features are there which are helpful in recovering your deleted data in an effective manner .

User Guide For Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 1) Firstly download and install and then run the software on the main interface .


Step 2) Now select the drive for the recovery of the data.


Step 3) Now you have to choose the file which you want to recover .


Step 4) Now click on start scan button to start the process of scanning .


Step 5) When the scanning process will complete then then you will see its preview and in the last save all the files at their specified location .



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